GrowthGroups are intentionally small environments designed around biblical discussion and application, accountability for growth and prayer. 

Build meaningful relationships and thrive.

No person can grow into who God has designed them to be by themselves. He made us to learn from one another, love one another, belong to one another. Because of this, we encourage everyone who joins us--from 5 to 105--to join a Growth Group. In your group, you’ll be challenged to think biblically, live authentically and love sacrificially.  We have options for groups that meet on our church campus or in homes, on Sundays or at other times during the week. Some are targeted to meet the needs of specific age groups while others host people across several generations.  

Growth Group Leaders

GrowthGroup leaders are not teachers. They are hosts who help guide your group to a deeper level of intimacy, biblical understanding and transformative community. Groups rotate through a variety of biblical topics each year so you’re sure to gain knowledge but, more importantly, to start following Jesus in a way that affects your whole life.  

What if I have kids?

Each group has a different way of caring for the babies, children and youth of its members. So, click here to view the current list of Growth Groups and find one to try. Don’t worry if the first group you attend isn’t a good fit!  We encourage you to keep looking until you find a group that is. 

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GrowthGroups help you thrive by building a strong community of believers in Jesus around you.