Our Story becomes Your Story

How it all started...

Crossover Church was sown into the hearts of 30 people who met for the first time in a living room in 1996. Then, the seeds of this purpose sprouted into a small body that moved to the Five-Mile Grange Hall and before being gifted a small church building on the corner of Highway 395 and Hastings Road in the Wandermere area of North Spokane. Quickly outgrowing those spaces led to a few more years meeting in local schools, until the vibrant body of Crossover broke ground and built the campus where you’ll find us today, parallel to Highway 2 on the frontage road
just north of Day-Mt. Spokane

The meaning behind our name...

The name “Crossover” comes from Joshua 3:17 that tells about how the Israelites “crossed over” from their life in the wilderness through the Jordan River and into their long awaited land of promise. It took faith and courage to leave behind their life in the wilderness in order to enter the blessed unknown of all that God had for them on the other side of the river.  When we use the name Crossover, it serves to remind us, this new generation of “Crossover” people, that we too are called and challenged to be people who leave behind the people we have been to become the people the Lord wants us to be – for His Glory. To put is simply, to be Crossover people means we want to be people who love to Grow Stronger Together.

Where we are headed...

Though we’ve changed locations and grown as a church family, our why has always been the same. We want to help you become a Crossover person - a person whose faith compels you to crossover from the wilderness into the promised land where you finally start winning the battles, finding joy and living out your God-given purpose. 

So, join our family and you’ll come to Know God, Use Your Gifts, Get Connected and Grow Stronger. 

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9am  and 11am.