Pastoral Transition

Our founding Pastor, Terry Little, who has shepherded Crossover for 25 years has announced his retirement and will continue through May of 2023.
Between now and then, he will preach less so that he is free to equip and train the next group of teaching pastors here at Crossover.

Growing Stronger Together

25 years ago when Pastor Terry and his wife, Kelleen, endeavored to plant a new church in North Spokane, growing people into spiritual maturity was their primary passion. Since then, we’ve remained laser-focused on that same goal and continue to pursue dynamic and Bible-centered ways we can grow stronger together. 

A note from Pastor Terry

Dear Church,
As many of you know, after 26 years, Kelleen and I will be retiring from Crossover Church in June of 2023! We have chosen to let the church know of this event at this time, so there can be a smooth transition in leadership and ministry in the days ahead. As the founder of the church, of course, there have been many emotions associated with this difficult decision. We find ourselves reflecting on the beginning as much as the recent days. There have been lots of good times, mixed in with some tough ones as well. I have made lots of mistakes, but the Lord has been faithful and good. We have consistently seen Him at work in people’s lives over these 2 ½ decades. We are a Word-based church. We exist to bring glory and honor to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible is central to everything we are and everything we do. Frankly it is difficult to step aside and move on. But it is time – the Lord’s time. One thing that gives our heart confidence is seeing the next group of leaders who will courageously and carefully take Crossover into the future. We have a strong board of elders and deeply committed staff who are working together – now – hard – to do their very best to make sure that Crossover continues to be built upon the conservative, Scriptural foundations that she has always loved and cherished. These people love the Lord and seek to honor with every bit of their being. These are troublesome days in our world and even in our nation. But these are good days to be a part of Crossover Church. Don’t miss anything that the Lord has for you in these exciting days of transition. Crossover, we love you so much… always have and always will. None of us know what the next few years hold for us. But we all know this to be true: Jesus is Lord and He is Coming Again!
With Much Love,
Pastor Terry and Kelleen

Pastor Terry & Kelleen's Retirement Announcement

A new season

We are excited to have the next season of our ministry on the horizon and look forward to what the Lord will do here at Crossover. Our departure makes space for new leaders to step in and take up the call to reach North Spokane with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Our Elders

Kevin Fortney


Jim Fall


Roger Smith


Ron Pearson


Jim Luten


Mark Simpson


Meet our Teaching Pastors

That's right! A team of Pastors will work together sharing the pulpit over the course of the year bringing you Biblical insight from God's Word through individual messages and mini-series. Pastor Matt and Pastor Jonathan have been friends for a decade working alongside one another in ministry at Crossover since 2013. Becoming a preaching team is simply one more way they get to serve and shepherd this body of believers they deeply love. 

Jonathan Pafford

The Lord is remarkable as I think back through how He has directed my steps the past ten years and led me to join Him here at Crossover! I had thought I was to be a bachelor-till-the-rapture, missionary pilot serving in the Middle East all those years ago, but the Lord knew the inner longings of my heart to invest in the spiritual well-being of other people, especially students.. Youth ministry was never in my “5 Year Plan” while at the same time the Lord always had me serving youth since I was seventeen. And as Christ is the author of my life, I have been eternally blessed with my wonderful wife, Katelyn, and our three kids, Owen, Ellie Kay, and Liam.In the season, I enjoy playing pirates with my kids, working on home projects, and connecting with students who come over to our home.

Matt Kaiser

There is nothing I love more than serving Jesus in the church. After teaching in an elementary school for five years, I have spent the last 16 years on staff at Crossover in a number of ministry roles. My passion for teaching the Word of God has grown exponentially over that time and today I have the privilege of leading the Single Young Adult ministry, as well as helping the body take the Gospel to the nations on mission.I have been married to my best friend Nichole for over 20 years and together we have 3 children. I enjoy being outside, whether planting flowers in my yard or hiking, camping, or hunting in the woods. We also love exploring new places both in the US and abroad.

Terry Little

Crossover Church is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and I thank Him every day for allowing me to serve as her pastor for the past twenty five years. I still have so far to go, but I love nothing more than experiencing God through His Word and leading others to do the same. My days are filled with sermon preparation, ministry to my church family and time with my precious wife. With any remaining spare moments I can be found rooting on the Zags, Mariners and Seahawks or slipping away to enjoy my beloved hobby of birding. Yes, I’m a bit of a nerd that way, but you’d be amazed at the glory of God out there when you just slow down long enough to look.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Celebrating 25 Years of Legacy

This four part video series captures the history, stories and faces of what God has done and people he's used in the local church called, Crossover. 


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