1. Who is in charge of ensuring a smooth leadership transition?

  • God!
  • We all are
  • The Elders & Staff
       And, it is a transition - we're not there yet!

2. What will the next year and a half look like?

With Pastor Terry and Kelleen retiring June 1, 2023, here's what you can expect:

  • Pastor Terry will continue to preach occasionally 
  • Pastors Matt & Jonathan will preach with increasing frequency
  • Matt & Jonathan will be trained by Pastor Terry in pastoral ministry
  • Eventual shift to a Lead Pastor with other teaching pastors regularly sharing the pulpit

3. Why don't we just fill terry's role with  a new Senior Pastor?

  • We have always believed in growing up leaders from within
  • Pastors Matt & Jonathan are capable and gifted teachers
  • Training them up is good stewardship of our people

4. So, we're not creating a search committee to find another senior pastor?

  • Nope!

5. With Pastor Greg's retirement, Feb 2022, what will happen to Men's Ministry?

  • The Elders will prayerfully create a Men's Ministry leadership team who can assume all aspects of ministry to Crossover Men.

6. With Kelleen's retirement, what will happen to Women's Ministry?

  • Kelleen will prayerfully create a Women's Ministry leadership team to whom she will begin delegating all aspects of ministry

7. With Jonathan shifting roles, who will assume Youth Leadership?

  • A Youth Leadership team has been assembled to assume youth leadership by early 2022
  • Christian Pfening is already a part-time Youth Coordinator and may grow into additional leadership 

8. With Matt shifting roles, who will take Missions and SYA Leadership?

  • Matt will continue to develop a missions leadership team that will assume most aspects of this ministry
  • Matt will continue developing the student leadership team that already serves the SYA ministry while commissioning other lay-leaders to provide SYA Ministry support

9. What is our plan to survive in the ever-changing political landscape?

  • We will pursue infrastructure that keeps us from being reliant upon access to the campus
  • Issues affecting the church will precipitate permanent, ongoing discussion at the leadership level
  • A communications and logistics plan will be formulated so that we seamlessly move to a decentralized church should that need arise